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MYOB Web Link.
Stop paying operators and use that money in a better way.

The MYOB Web Link application is specifically designed for companies that use MYOB Account Right 19.x (MYOB on local premises, not in cloud) and have MYOB installed on a server (2008, SBS 2011).
Users can access MYOB as they are used to: local MYOB accessing a shared resource or in terminal environment.

Have you relevant numbers of online orders every day and you need to have them quick into MYOB? You are in the right place. MYOB Web Link will take this load, you will import orders with a click of mouse and with no errors.


MYOB Web Link
One point customers management

The application is a central management point for website users and MYOB cards management. It means you can add user into website, add card into MYOB, associate / dissociate a website customer to / from a MYOB card.

You can associate multiple customers to a MYOB card and have MYOB card with no correspondent into website(s)

MYOB Web Link
Import Website orders into MYOB

You can view website(s) orders, select and import any of them as simple as click a button and confirm. Any imported order will carry (hard coded) basic details about website order no. It helps you to identify website orders in MYOB

All transactions are recorded into log files and are available to you: successfully and not successfully imports (items)